Who We Are

Visionary Pro Digital / Digital Media Visionary Ltd. is a creative, digital development group of professionally accredited and acclaimed, local & international media professionals. These professionals apply insight, strategy and originality in developing effective digital solutions that grab customer attention and connect businesses and their brands with their intended audience.

What We Do

Website Design

Website Design & Development

Digital Positioning
Digital Positioning
Creativity & Content
Creativity & Content
Strategy & Targeting
Strategy & Targeting
Digital Analytics & Metrics

Brinard Sweeting, CIW
Digital Director

Our Purpose

Our team consists of a tight-knit group of website developers, strategists and digital content creators with over 20+ man years of experience.

Our purpose is to conceptualize and develop profitable, digitally-based solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes resulting in optimum revenue, feasibility of content management and improvement of the overall brand identity through creative and effective communication.

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