Lucaya Service Company

Project Overview

The Client

The Lucaya Service Company Limited (LUSCO) is a non-profit organization, which is responsible for the maintenance of properties in subdivisions developed or to-be-developed in the future, by The Grand Bahama Development Company Limited (DEVCO).

LUSCO is charged with the responsibility of maintaining and repairing streets, roads and utilities in DEVCO’s subdivisions. The maintenance work is funded by the payment of service charges. In order to ensure that charges will be paid for the benefit of the entire community, a covenant in the Deed of Conveyance requiring the original property owner and all subsequent property owners to pay an annual amount towards these costs and expenses, is inserted.

In this way, the entire community provides the financial support to maintain streets, roads, utilities and certain amenities for the benefit of all property owners.

Our Roles

Web Design and Development
Content Development
Search Engine Optimization
UX Design
Platform Security & Maintenance

The Solution

With over 50 years in existence, we worked with Artistic Souls Production Studios to develop LUSCO’s first website to align with their new vision and marketing strategy for both them and it’s parent company, DEVCO.

The website introduced a new way for LUSCO’s customers to connect with the company and learn more about their roles & responsibilities. The new website also integrated with a custom user account platform that gave property owners the ability to manage and pay their annual charges online, saving the LUSCO team countless hours of administration in resolving and following up with customer accounts.

Lucaya Service Company (LUSCO)

The results

up to
increase in online customer activity
less than
sustained bounce rate
(meaning users remained on the website longer and spent more time learning about the company)
Lucaya Service Company (LUSCO)Lucaya Service Company (LUSCO)

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