Imperial Mattress & Furniture

Case Study

The Client

With their main office located in Nassau, New Providence, Imperial Mattress & Furniture carries a wide selection of Mattresses and Box springs, Pillows, Linens, Furniture, and Home Decor Accessories.

With over 45 years in business, they assure convenient next-day delivery services on-island and product shipping to all the Family Islands under what they dub The Imperial Advantage. They’re considered the one of largest and leading mattress & furniture suppliers in The Bahamas, carrying over 20 different qualities of mattresses including memory foam and the largest variety of pillows in the nation.

Our Roles

Web Design and Development
E-Commerce Development
Content Development
Brand Planning
Consumer Journey Mapping
Search Engine Optimization
UX Design
Platform Security & Maintenance

The Challenge

Quality Assurance, Product Comfort and Customer Service are indigenously important to Imperial Mattress. We pre-evaluated their digital operation using a meticulous SWOT Analysis, stacking up their competitive advantages and losses against others in the local market. Our team reached out to them to hold a discovery session presenting the opportunities they were missing out on and the challenges they would inevitably face.

The realization was after not having a website for several years, the emergence of ecommerce and the growing preference for online transactions amongst consumers, Imperial Mattress recognized they were losing significant chances to uniquely plant their digital footprint.

To solve this issue and better serve their loyal customers, we began a delivery roadmap for a 360º process of a quality assuring, lead-nurturing and sale-converting e-commerce website.

The Solution

First, we began by designing prototypes of the core entry-point pages from the consumer’s perspective, those being: homepage > product showcase > individual product pages.


With hundreds of products and product variations in their store catalog, the goal during the Information Architecting stage was to list every product category, break them them down into smaller, relevant and indexable subcategories, with the ability for a customer to find their way back ‘up-the-ladder’ with ease.

The design incorporated a color-complementary palette based on their branding guidelines and colors were decisively applied throughout the design stage.

Easy Dental Care

We assisted in planning the original and brand-owned content (photography & videography) that was produced specifically for the website, so that these pieces of content would have individual placements and not be repetitious on appearance.


WooCommerce on its own is a great for e-commerce, but we took a holistic approach by custom-coding and extending the functionality beyond its normal usage, to give the customer a broader and streamlined experience and Imperial Mattress an easier backend solution that didn’t clash with other systems.

Products had variations based on size or model and also accurate individual pricing depending on the selection. Each product was loaded with data (specs, dimensions, customizability, recommend up-sellers and cross-sellers etc.) specific to its internal catalog counterpart.

The Results

The overall result was a truly-digital storefront: an immersive and sale-nurturing e-commerce platform with over 300 unique products, that would pass a customer’s hesitation test, by using social proof, pre-purchase answers and a cart building process that used the estimate building method to allow in-house sales reps to further nurture the customer into a comfortable buying process.

  • A website that was so successful it produced direct sales on its first day live
  • An intuitive, ease-of-use online selection experience for customers
  • A first-of-its-kind (in the local market and local industry) e-commerce solution when compared to its competitors
  • An easier and accurate product catalog reference for staff
  • A bold stance to plant its digital footprint in a way its local competition does not
  • A positive assurance of the company’s commitment to quality, comfort and customer service through all platforms

What they had to say:

“Having a new website was on our list for a very long time. I new nothing about making a website or even how to go about getting started so I kind of shied away from it. In addition to this I was being a procrastinator, and busy from the daily store responsibilities [...] it seemed very difficult to get started because it would be a lot of work on my part, trying to think about what I wanted, I didn't feel like it would be easy to pull off. So again, the new website was put on the back burner.

When we had the [initial] meeting I was blown away because of that mock website. You had already done all the work! You already had a visual and it seemed so easy. We felt really excited to work with you and wanted to get started right away. You presented yourself really well by coming prepared and your professionalism was another selling factor. We knew you meant business!

With that being said we are very happy with our decision and very pleased with the outcome!”

Melissa Bathelus,
Imperial Mattress & Furniture

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