Grand Bahama Utility Company

Case Study

The Client

The Grand Bahama Utility Company (GBUC) is responsible for the collection and distribution of quality potable water throughout Grand Bahama Island, supplying nearly 8 million gallons of water every day to the island's 50,000+ residents.

Our Roles

Web Design and Development
Search Engine Optimization
Consumer Journey Mapping
UX Design
Platform Security & Maintenance

The Challenge

The Grand Bahama Utility Company's long-standing role within Grand Bahama is undoubtedly critical, as they are the primary supplier of potable water. Their customer service channels were primarily trafficked through the general corporate help desks of their parent company, without a dedicated area that is public-facing.

Our goal was to not only establish an effective online presence for the company, but to aid in transforming their customer experience initiatives while also aiming to reduce administrative load. This digital introduction process also began shortly after a time when most of the island's water potability was significantly challenged after the destructive passage of Hurricane Dorian. Essentially, all eyes were on them.

The Solution

Our team worked closely with GBUC to develop the website in a phased approach. In the first iteration, we designed a smaller, news alerts website that was more of a communications tool that kept the public in the pulse of the restoration of water potability as it happened. This was vital in their communications strategy to demonstrate their continuous efforts for restoration.

The second iteration of the website was more being developed concurrently as the complete solution. We constructed initial wireframes that would demonstrated the structural direction for the final website. These wireframes were then converted into a full-color visual concepts and implemented into browser as the first version of the website.

Freeport Ship Services (Old Website)
Freeport Ship Services (Old Website)

The Results

The result was a modern, streamlined customer service and corporate communications tool that:

  1. Successfully launched multiple iterations of the website to temporarily service the client’s communications and public relations goals
  2. Assisted in a major rebrand and corporate structuring exercise to align with the goals of its new vision and customer service strategy
  3. Significantly measurable increase in customer service response and public accountability
  4. Major decrease in customer service response time and ease of access
  5. The new website also integrated the customer account platform that provided an opportunity to manage their entire utility account online

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