Grand Bahama Power Company

Case Study

The Client

As a majorly-owned subsidiary of Emera Inc., Grand Bahama Power supplies electrical power to the island of Grand Bahama from West End to Sweeting's Cay in the east, as a totally-integrated utility company serving the island's 18,800 customers.

With a gross generating capacity of 98 MW, the company strives to be a quality organization, committed to cost-effective generation, transmission and distribution of electricity to its customers, while providing a safe and rewarding work place for its employees and a reasonable rate of return on investment.

Our Roles

Web Design and Development
Content Development
Consumer Journey Mapping
Search Engine Optimization
UX Design
Platform Security

The Challenge

Of the many items that are of priority to Grand Bahama Power, top among them are Safety & Customer Service. To better express the importance and their commitment to those priorities, they approached us to develop a website for them, comprehensively representing those themes.

The Solution
Through various discovery workshops, we used consumer journey mapping to chart the ideal course for their customers. We did so by identifying key weak points in the existing website and key touch points based on customer feedback, to develop the ideal experience. The goal was to make frequently used customer service functions more accessible than ever before to customers by putting them online.
First, we started by creating an optimized Information Architecture based on the sitemap from the previous website. Easy entry points to dig deep into customer information was the focus.
Easy Dental Care

Next, we built visual prototypes of core pages to present the illustrated concept model that all pages were to follow.

With the semantic design in place, the “big guns” were brought in to do some heavy lifting. Under the hood development of custom code was core to this build; a phase that combined practicality with functionality.

The overall end result was a digital platform that seamlessly integrated various external applications for customer experience, customer service, public responsivity and corporate responsibility. These various consumer touchpoints hold individual spaces throughout the website for various uses, with their core components custom-developed and tailored to each have a singular focus on task resolution.

The build not only used highly-advanced and a deep-bench of conditional logic forms for customers, but acute routing of accurate information to the agent for the fastest and most appropriate response.

The Results
  • A bold stance to align the visual brand with that of its sister companies
  • A public and visual representation of the company’s ‘people-first’ objective
  • An immersive, resolution-focused experience for customers and staff
  • A comprehensive customer and end-staff experience

  • A positive reinforcement of the company’s commitment to safety, customer service and technological advancement through all channels
  • Establishing of a single, unified space dedicated to storm preparation (before, during and after)

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