Fruity Freddie Farms

Case Study

The Client

Fruity Freddie Farms is Bahamian owned, farm-based business located in Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas that specializes in the growing of indigenous Bahamian Fruit Trees, the production of high-quality Bahamian added-value processed fruit products, as well as the production of natural fresh greens in their hydroponics system.

Our Roles

Web Design and Development
UX Design
E-Commerce Development
Payment Gateway Integration
Content Development
Consumer Journey Mapping
Search Engine Optimization
Platform Security & Maintenance

The Challenge

The client's products having already been wildly-popular in it's local market, needed a better way to service not only its core demographic, but also the increasing demand from their international clients ordering their products.

The realization was after relying only on direct, in-person sales and no website for so long, the introduction of the pandemic quickly spurred on the need to have a digital storefront. The emergence of e-commerce and the growing preference for online transactions during that time, made them realize that not only was doing business not going to look the same way as it did pre-pandemic anymore, but that they were also losing significant opportunity for growth on the table.

The Solution

First, we designed a one-page website for them that sorted all their content into one, easy-to-navigate, horizontal scrolling experience. This was to cost-effectively introduce their customers into the presentation of all the company had to offer in a visually-appealing way.
Fruity Freddie Farms
Fruity Freddie Farms


The design incorporated a color scheme that was analogous and complementary to their logo, so that product imagery and readable content would stand out.

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Phase two

For the second phase of the website, we say with them to evaluate their existing order fulfillment operation and process across various scenarios. Then we began crafting a plan to systemize the logistics of it all and create a consumer journey roadmap is simple and seamless for the target audience. To solve this issue and better serve their loyal customers, we began a delivery roadmap for the website to now include better product presentation and a lead-converting e-commerce component with order management.
Fruity Freddie Farms
Fruity Freddie Farms
Fruity Freddie Farms


WooCommerce is a strong and flexible e-commerce platform that we extended and custom-coded additional functionality beyond its normal usage to better suit the client and customer's needs. This included custom notifications to the auto-generation of packing slips for shipment and everything in-between. We also integrated a direct payment gateway that was compliant and secure.

The Results

The result was a colorful, Bahamian-centric digital storefront with over 30 individual product SKUs. Some of the highlights were:
  • A website that was so successful it generated direct international sales on its first day of launch
  • An intuitive, ease-of-use online selection experience for customers
  • A first-of-its-kind (in the local market and local industry) e-commerce solution when compared to its competitors
  • An easier and accurate product catalog reference for staff

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