Freeport Ship Services

Case Study

The Client

Freeport Ship Services is the leading & largest ship, logistics, trucking and customs brokerage agency in Grand Bahama. They provide a litany of different services to all kinds of vessels that dock at all ports on Grand Bahama Island.

With a vast array of local as well as international clientele, they have garnered a huge amount of experience and is considered the leading port agency within the region.

Our Roles

Web Design and Development
Content Development
Pay-Per-Click Campaign (PPC)
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing

The Challenge

Freeport Ship Services’ primary clientele are internationally-based. Any company looking for them couldn’t find their digital storefront, because their direct competitors led in all key search terms on all search engines.

The reason for that was because the website also wasn’t indexed anywhere on the first 10 pages of Google either because of loss of semanticity, poor and unmanaged content. Meaning, any potential business generated from SER (search engine results) & SEP (search engine placement) and inquiry was being passed to their competition.

There was indeed a long journey ahead of us to get them not just digitally rebranded, but ranked in SERP (search engine results placement).

Freeport Ship Services (Old Website)

The Solution

First, we performed a digital assessment by working with Freeport Ship Services to create a competitive analysis of their company and understanding their sales process.

Next, we proceeded to develop a new website for them by deploying Information Architecture planning through the existing sitemap, site structure, naming and labeling schemes and best navigation practices.

We aligned and unified the design with that of it's corporate branding and executed deep-linking methodologies to help improve their overall content score within all search engines.

With the digital refresh done, the site was successfully launched, new sitemap submitted to all search engines, and a paid Google AdWords campaign was executed to give them an SEP during the initial post-launch phase.

The Results

Somewhat unheard of, a process that usually takes six (6) months to see a ranking change, we saw within the first two months after launching the new website. They were ranked #1 in the top 6 SERPs in all their targeted keywords and above their competitor's keywords and SEP on Google.

This resulted in (non-paid traffic of):

increase in user activity
decrease in bounce rate
(meaning users remained on the website longer and spent more time learning about the company)
Freeport Ship ServicesFreeport Ship Services

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