Easy Dental Care

Case Study

The Client

Easy Dental Care is a leading family dental practice on Grand Bahama Island and publicly regarded as offering the most comfortable and enjoyable patient experience on the Island.

Their mission statement is to promote healthy teeth for a healthier life by offering a number of procedures dental and orthodontic procedures for treating irregularities in the mouth, as well as creating events, activities and an animated character named as Oriel™ Tooth Defender for promoting dental hygiene amongst children.

Our Roles

Web Design and Development
Content Development
Digital Positioning Campaign
Brand Identity & Strategy
Pay-Per-Click Campaign (PPC)
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing

The Challenge

Easy Dental Care had a positive following on their social channels, but no clear conversion method for their online audience caused a significant drop-off. They approached us to develop a website for them when their video ad campaigns (although successful in numbers) weren't delivering the expected results of converting viewers to patients.

The Solution

With a conversion-focused website being the priority, we started off with a digital assessment, analyzing the tools they were using for marketing and where the incoming leads were dropping off. We identified that the two core pages for their website would be the homepage and a page to book appointments. 

The homepage had to have engaging titles and clear call-to-action elements in the above-the-fold content, so that when the website is used as a primary destination in campaigns, it immediately gives the visitor the option to drop-off to the appointments page.

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The appointments system would be developed to accept booking prioritized for mobile users –– which based on their marketing reports was their most used device for engagements –– and build that page with a mobile-first design. The 'three-click-step' method was deployed here to decrease the chance of a high website bounce rate. Meaning, on any page the visitor must be only three clicks (or taps) away from the client's desired action –– which is conversion and capture. This solved their conversion issue for future marketing campaigns.

Easy Dental Care

As the educational aspect of their business is what contributed to their core customer appreciation, a media centre was created to also house all of their produced video ads used in campaigns to help position Easy Dental Care as choice in the market above their competitors. 

With the website complete, we simultaneously launched several ads through digital and social channels with the website being the primary destination. In less than 12 hours of launch, they had already reserved and confirmed no less than 15 patient bookings through the website, and were extremely pleased!

Easy Dental Care

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