How You Can Save Money or Lose Big Time Because of Your Website

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In this final installment of the Mythbuster series of Digital Drops, we’re going to walk through the ‘Profit & Loss’ factor of your business’ online presence–– how you can save money or lose money big time because of your website. Click here for part one and here for part 2 of this series.

Myth #1:

“I get a lot of traffic to my website, so my brand is doing well”

Let’s say you have 10,000 followers on Instagram and get 10,000 unique website visits per month. But do you have at-least $10,000 (or put the two numbers together) $20,000 in direct sales sitting in your business’ bank account? If not, the reality is that website numbers and social media followers don’t mean anything. Your Instagram grid and photo filters look really nice, you may be getting all the hearts, likes and comments from your friends, your website has beautiful colors, products and important services, but if what I mentioned is your reality, then you have a successful brand, but not a successful business.

Think back into why you started your business in the first place––was it to be popular or profitable? A great indicator of a healthy website is one where you can track your traffic coming in and sales hitting your bank account. Get back to the drawing board, rework your business plan and prioritize your business’ health and vitality of website numbers and social media followers. The best way to do that is to have a conversation with us, let’s conduct a digital audit and create a strategy towards your business’ success online

Myth #2: (This is probably singlehandedly the most important one I’ve given you out of this entire series):

“I don’t need a website, I can just sell my products on Facebook or Instagram”

No you cannot! You do not ultimately control those platforms, you just rent a space there. You should not put your business survivability by only selling your products on social media. If Facebook or Instagram decides today or tomorrow to delete your posts and ban your page because you violated some new rule they just created yesterday, how are you going to make money? With your own website, especially if you sell products, you control everything; from the marketing, to sales funnel, product information, payments and distribution. It's your domain, your environment, you set the rules, and no one can just pop up today or tomorrow and stop your business from running and making money because they feel like it. 

Myth #3 - The Final Myth:

“I need a website with multiple pages”

This is not entirely true. If you’re a start up or relatively small business, a one-page website with multiple horizontal sections may work well for you. It essentially still functions like a website with multiple pages, but those pages are just condensed into different sections of this one page. These kinds of websites are usually best for people with not a lot of content and the major benefits is that it works well for our current generation who are on their phones and just keep scrolling down without having to tap on your menu to jump to another page. Another benefit is that building a one page website is actually more budget friendly than a multi-page website. We actually do a number of these one-pagers frequently for smaller businesses and startups quite inexpensively, and that allows these clients to use the rest of the money they would’ve spent on a full website in other parts of the business.

So that concludes the Mythbuster series of Digital Drops, hopefully you found this useful. If you’re looking for the right team to help you jump over all of these hurdles and myths we’ve covered in this entire series, click here and let’s start a conversation.