4 Simple Things You Can Change on Your Website TODAY to Bring in More Business

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Welcome to Digital Drops!

In the introductory podcast, Digital Director Brinard Sweeting, shares four (4) immediately-actionable, simple and FREE solutions you can add to your website today to bring in more business.

Why? You need leads, and you need them now.

Now, you’ve invested money into building a new website (probably not by us) and are struggling to see the return on investment – yikes! You know what you need to do (hire a professional), but the problem is (let’s be honest) you’re a bit impatient and discouraged from finding a new marketing partner to help with that.

Instead you want a DIY solution that’ll get some leads into the business today. Well, contrary to popular belief, it’s possible!

But be warned!

Now let’s just put a disclaimer out there: you should ideally already have a marketing plan already set-out from before your website was actually launched, so that you’re charting a course to conversion success. If you’re not, this will only help you so far.

Listen up below:

Building a foundation on value.

All of the tips in the podcast point back to one thing – value.

  • Add value to your website visitors by firstly establishing a trust factor.
  • Establish trust and you encourage engagement.
  • Incentivized engagement brings you warm leads. 
  • And now its your job to turn those warm leads now at your door into actual paying clients.

There you have it. Of course, if you need any assistance with the implementing any of these suggestions, our team is always more than happy to assist!

You can apply for a project or subscribe to one of our web care plans to get the ball rolling.