The 2 Best Tools To Use for Business Email Results

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Sent that email but didn’t get a reply? There's a good reason why.

Ever wonder why sometimes in business you send emails that don’t get responded to? In this episode of Digital Drops, Brinard covers some of the resources and tools you can use to make sure you’re emailing securely and in a way that it always get read and doesn’t bounce back.

“Sure, lookout for it in a few minutes!”

Even after just talking to a client or customer on the phone and you say “Sounds good! Lookout for my email where i’ll send you the agreement so we can get started.” You go ahead, send it, a few days pass by and you’re now nervous because even though the call went well, the email was the deal closer and you haven’t heard back as yet. Now you have to do the awkward “Just following up to see if you got my email” phone call.

The reality you probably aren’t aware of

Well, sometimes the person on the receiving end ignores it (truth be told) but sometimes they honestly didn’t get it, and most of the time it’s because of what email provider you’re using to send them over.

Another reason is because you’re using free services like Hotmail (Outlook) and Gmail to send business communications over, and that puts the legitimacy of your business practices into question — yes, there are people out that pay attention to and make decisions based on that.

Watch the video below to learn more about the best tools to use to handle these types of situations:

FREE doesn’t always mean GOOD…

Using free email services with email accounts like to handle all your business email communications, is a sure-fire way to have your legitimacy put into question based on that first contact. No doubt some people don’t care, but a lot do.

And ultimately, you’re missing prime opportunities to drive incoming lead traffic to your website every time you send an email. Chances are, if your emailing from an address, you don’t have a website and your email signature has no URL to direct the recipient to.

Next, using that little “Add a Free 1GB Email Account To Your Domain” add-on offer from your domain registrar sounds good at first, but they will be sent using shared and abused mail servers. This will harm your bottom line especially if you rely on cold emailing for sales for your business.

…And GOOD doesn’t have to be expensive

Using G Suite or Office 365, puts your emails in the cloud on dedicated, secure and whitelisted email servers to ensure your emails not only get delivered, but read. But not only that, you get a suite of tools to help you do business better, such as cloud-based file and folder storage like Google Drive that you can share, document collaboration like Google Docs, Google Sheets or Microsoft Word or Excel Online, intranets like Google Sites or Microsoft Sharepoint and more.

They both have low-cost plans starting at $5.00 per user (account) per month, and is completely worth it if you’re serious about your business communication.

Get access to these tools

To use any of the tools & resources mentioned in the video, click here to learn more about and sign up for G Suite or you can click here to sign up for Office 365.

To get them fully configured with your own domain, you have to make DNS Zone and MX Entry changes. If you need any assistance with the implementing any of these tools, our team is always more than happy to assist.

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